On starting to make vlogs and the first week of my 2018

Making vlogs is an enjoyable BUT TIRING process, at least for me. The effort put into editing – trimming, cutting, splitting, deleting, and whatnot, then adding audio and effects… not to mention any Photoshop activities you may do along the way, is exhausting.

This is my 2nd vlog. See the first here. I think the biggest hurdle I experienced for this one, aside from the video selection, is overcoming that thought that this one is probably not any better than the first I published. I had to remind myself a few times along the way that I’m just beginning, and it will not help to be overly concerned of what the audience may think.

Another reminder I tell myself is that I should always be my biggest fan. And to be my biggest fan, I should just do things that I will GENUINELY love myself for doing.

I have learned so much! I feel the fulfilment when I think about the effort I put in learning how to work all these tools. Thus let me say, “So far, so good!”. 🙂

So without ado, here is vlog #2!




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