Titas of Manila | Life with Jacob

I’ve been a tita (aunt) for a while now and although some babysitting sessions could get really tiring, the reward of seeing Jacob laugh and seeing him go through milestones (he’s starting to standup now!), is worth it. Haha I sound like such a mom!

My sister’s family is currently living with us so I get plenty of hang time with the cutie. My ate (older sister) has ME/CFS (please read up on this if you have time and help us spread awareness, read about it from my sister’s standpoint here), so taking care of a baby which by standard is already a huge undertaking for new mothers, is pretty much an unbelievable feat for her. So as much as I could, I extend my help in taking care of Jacob or simply watching over him so my sister could rest or do other #MomLife stuff at home.

It’s a bonus that Jacob is just plain adorable. GAAH! It makes babysitting him so much easier! Mall dates, playtime, and grooming time are things I get so excited about! I’m without a doubt enjoying being a #TitaOfManila… like in it’s realest sense haha! It’s getting increasingly tiring as his locomotor skills gets better but all of us at home wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂

Watch me dress him up in my latest vlog – I think I’ve enjoyed editing this the most!

Brb, he’s crawling! :))





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