The Dessert Museum

Pao really wanted to go to The Dessert Museum after seeing some photos of it in his feed. Social media influencers, if you need validation on what you do, I present to you my boyfriend hehe jk. So we went there on his birthday weekend after visiting The National Museum. For P799 we got access to 8 rooms and 5 desserts. Check my video below for a quick tour of the place then my write-up right after to help you figure out if it’ll be worth the trip!

Word of advice, make sure your cameras are fully charged. Ours was running on really low battery after the National Museum so were only able to take a few photos and no videos at all. SAD. Our vids at TDM were taken via mobile. 🙂

The Good and The Could Be Better

DESIGN. The Dessert Museum makes it easy for anyone to take good photos. Good lighting, an abundance of colors, and the design make the place so photogenic that even non-pro photographers like myself and Pao were able to capture a few good shots. TDM reminds me of the Museum of Ice Cream that has recently been popping up in the States so it’s really something to be proud of that Manila can keep up with trends and work fast to create something like this here. Great job to the team behind it!

My favorite rooms for taking pictures would have to be the Candy Cane and Gummy Bear rooms for their color combinations and backgrounds, see below. My least favorite would be either the Ice Cream room or Cotton Candy room. I didn’t like the white walls of the Ice Cream room which made me feel like I was in a psychiatric hospital that had splashes of color while the Cotton Candy room was a bit messy-looking for me.


ACTIVITIES. I think the main activity the place offers is really the chance to take good photos. You also get brief histories or information about the different desserts on the walls of their respective rooms. There were also play equipment for kids like the short slide, see-saw, swings, inflatable, trampoline, and basketball area. Pao and I spent around an hour going through the entire place. I think those with kids spent a bit more time to allow their kids more time to play.

I’m 27 and as much as I appreciate the visual feast and good photo ops, I just felt that there really wasn’t anything else that entertained me. Maybe I would have enjoyed more if there were more interactive items and information to go around.

FOOD. Out of the 5 desserts we had, I like the marshmallow with fondue one the best. The fondue tasted like Berry Knots which I happen to like a lot. I am actually eating one now as I type haha! Runner up would be the cotton candy because they serve it with milk powder much like the ones sold in DLSU, which I also like a lot. I was sadly not a fan of the other desserts. The macaron flavor wasn’t to my liking, the avocado ice cream tasted bland, and I generally do not like cakes so I didn’t try the cake pops.

I really like that they made us try different desserts but in doing so the whole “you get 5 desserts” felt scrimped. Maybe I’m saying this because I wanted more than one marshmallow and they didn’t give me more haha but then again there were just FIVE gummy bears. OH and I was bummed that there wasn’t any Chocolate Chip cookie. :(( Especially since Ruth Wakefield was one of the portraits in the entrance. 😦

Is It Worth It?

I think it all boils down to how much you like the experience and the price you pay. I understand that the location is good so the rent must not come cheap. If I take into account all their expenses then P799 may be a valid price to put on the ticket. But since I did not find value beyond good photos which I thought I could get elsewhere, I felt like it wasn’t worth it for me. But hey! It might be different for you! So if you can identify with The Good I wrote about, then make your way to S. Maison and have fun! Pao will be waiting for your photos. 😉 Hehe!


Gemma May

The Dessert Museum
G/F, S. Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila
Ticket Price: P799 walk-in but P699 if you book online
Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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