I cooked lunch today!

I’ve been out of the corporate world for a few weeks now – a story for another day or post. And it hit me the other night while I was watching Eat, Pray, Love that I was too concerned about running out of savings to sustain my non-employment break. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t eating poorly, but I just lessened the number of “good meals” I was taking. Like I’ve been exchanging eating out at restaurants or yummy deliveries for usual home-cooked meals.

Anyway, it was that scene where Julia Roberts decided to cook and stay at home and experience the art of doing nothing. She cooked salmon and asparagus, sat on the floor, and started reading a book… and I just wanted to be Liz (the character Julia was playing) at that moment. That moment yelled at me and said now is actually THE TIME I should be eating MORE good food (among many other things). It doesn’t mean shelling out the big bucks for that foie gras but just not preventing myself of the good things in life.

So that’s the background story of why I cooked lunch today. Hahaha I just felt I needed to share it! I bought ingredients last night (cost me Php 300.00 for the salmon and beans) and cooked this noon and let me say, I am sooo proud of myself for how this meal turned out. It was DELICIOUS!

Presenting my Garlic Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon with French Beans!

French Beans
Garlic Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon

I got the salmon recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Sally wasn’t kidding when she said it was so easy to make! I juggled helping my sister take care of Jacob and doing some marketing materials for my small business all while preparing this. I followed her recipe for the salmon except I didn’t bother adding parsley or scallions anymore. Then instead of broccoli I cooked french beans.

Guys, can I just say, I blanched my french beans. Insert the smiling face with sunglasses emoji here. Haha I feel like such an expert having done it. My sister taught me how. Blanching is a super easy process for an end result that is super worth it. Bring water to a boil, cook the beans for exactly a minute, then extract the beans and put them in a bowl with cold water. Then remove the water! TA-DA! You now have blanched french beans. I tossed them in butter and garlic after and added salt and pepper to taste. Good Lord, ah-ma-zing!

All this took almost 2 hours to do but if I weren’t doing anything else, an hour is enough! Even less if you marinate the salmon at just 15 minutes as suggested if you’re pressed for time. The result is an incredibly flavorful and healthy meal. I AM SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF. I felt productive, I learned, and I enjoyed consuming what I made! If you have even the slightest urge to try this out, I suggest you make time and do so. Until my next Chef Gemma moment!


Gemma May

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