On holidays we eat well

It’s a holiday in Manila today and my entire family’s at home so I cooked again! And fortunately, it was another success! ❤️

Presenting, my Wagyu Salpicao –

I referred to different recipes from the internet and tweaked the ingredients and ratios based on marinade taste testing haha! I’m sorry I cannot be more specific with the recipe because this will most likely hit the Wagyu63 menu soon! 😊

The raw wagyu cubes, and this may be a shameless plug but it doesn’t make it less true, is already half the battle – good quality meat that is sooo easy to cook. You can cook it simply with just salt and pepper or do something fancy like Wagyu Salpicao and both ways will give you tender and juicy meat that’s packed with so much flavor! You might find yourself pausing after that first bite just to pat yourself on the back! You can visit our Facebook page here if you’d like to order.

If you’re wondering, I used a little more than half a kilo of wagyu cubes for this recipe. 🙂

For sides, I cooked corn and carrots in a bit of butter with salt and pepper and some parsley to taste.

I don’t like green peas so I got bags of plain corns and carrots instead haha. They’re just the ordinary frozen veggies you can get from almost any supermarket.

For gainz carbs we had a mix of white and brown rice. The rice is mixed before it gets cooked in the rice cooker. The texture is soft and chewy. This is a good strategy if you want to change a hesitant household to a brown rice-eating household haha!

I ALSO MADE DESSERT! Haha all-out ba!

I made fruit salad. I bought the smallest can of fruit cocktail, a carton each of all-purpose cream and condensed milk, nata de coco or coconut jelly, and cheese. I used the whole can of fruit cocktail, half of the cream and nata de coco, a little less than half of the condensed milk, and 1/5 of the bar of cheese. I know the photo is not an amazing food photo so let me say instead that there was none left in the container! Haha!

No leftovers from this meal at all! I felt so giddy after. 🙂 It’s so heartwarming to see the people you cooked for clearly enjoying the food and being so satisfied. ❤️

Hope Wagyu63 gets to serve this to you soon!

Until my next chef moment,

Gemma May

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