Chef Du Partie (CDP) Global Table 2018, your dinner destination tonight

“What will I order on my next visit?”

This was my question as we were leaving CDP Global Table after that absolutely satisfying dinner. This was just last night and I’ve already craved for their Duck Olio – twice.

CDP Global Table Bread Basket
Complimentary bread basket

I have no pictures of their interiors but if I can accurately put it, the place can seat around 25 people inside and another 20 or so outside. It was an ordinary weeknight and a bit late into dinner time so we were able to get seats. To be safe, best make a reservation.

The energy inside was abuzz but not exhausting and non-invading of people’s privacies. To give you a vision, other tables that night were seating girl friends in their 40s, a newly engaged couple with a friend (we deduced this from accidentally hearing their conversation), and a big group of  friends in their 20s. If you’re thinking of where to have that upcoming dinner, CDP might be just the place!

CDP Global Table Manuka Chevre Salad
Manuka Chevre salad

First up is our Manuka Chevre salad (Php 230/460). We ordered the single serving size which was just right given our other orders. Think the sweetness of honey with the creamy and earthy flavor of Malagos chevre, the slight bitterness of greens, sourness of dried cranberries and red wine vinaigrette, and the noticeably salty taste of the fuet. It was a winning combination!

CDP Global Table Sisig Paté
Sisig Paté

Served next was the Sisig Paté (Php 195). This was Pao’s favorite out of everything we ordered! The flavorful sisig was matched well with the mini baguette and the flavors of aïoli and sriracha. You’d think the sriracha would make it spicy but I didn’t feel a kick. I would have preferred to have it spicier, but for those who do not like the heat, this makes the dish perfectly tolerable.

CDP Global Table Mussels in Curry
Mussels in Curry

Their Mussels in Curry (Php 395) was surprisingly generous. The bowl looks deceiving, because there must have been around 15 mussels in one order! The first few tastes, although good, had me wanting a bit more tangy flavor. This was until I was reminded that it’s mussels in Thai red curry and I was thinking Tom Yum soup! This made me miss almost a similar dish I had in Gilt Bar in Chicago. Eat there if you’re in Chi-Town!

Now for the mains.

CDP Global Table Duck Olio Pasta
Duck Olio pasta

Two words – DUCK OLIO (Php 375). If I had to pick only one dish to come back for at CDP it’s without a doubt, hands down, this pasta! GRABE ‘TO SA SARAP! I’m a fan of sweet and salty flavors battling it down in my meal and this one served it to me with subtlety and a twist. Al dente pasta cooked like your favorite Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream Pasta from Mamou, with duck flakes reminiscent of Recovery Food dishes. Boom. ORDER THIS! 

CDP Global Table Salmon Beurre Blanc

The Salmon Beurre Blanc (Php 595) is like the perfectly competent husband that drives the spotlight to his astounding wife. In this case, the wife is the Duck Olio pasta. In simple terms, the salmon highlighted the yumminess of the duck pasta. Haha! In taste, I don’t think the dish has something new to offer. But in execution I think the dish was done with love. The sauce is creamy and tastes of sour cream and the salmon well-seasoned and cooked just right (well, just medium as we requested).

CDP Global Table Lemongrass Iced Tea
Lemongrass Iced Tea

They have a good selection of drinks but since I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol, we settled for their Lemongrass Iced Tea (Php 95). For the price you already get a carafe of this non-Lipton iced tea drink that served as my palate cleanser that night haha. So not bad, no bad at all!

CDP serves delicious food via its attentive staff that makes overall dining here an absolute delight! Shout out to their manager Dawn who took time to establish genuine rapport with us. 🙂

If you’ve made it until this part, let me share on a personal note, a quick backstory of this night. I had a food blogging event to attend in Kapitolyo, but due to some unfortunate events and the outrageous Makati traffic we got stuck in, I had to cancel since I would get to the place so late. Pao saw how sad I was and told me it’s a must that we eat well somewhere else that night instead. He told me to choose any restaurant I want but since we were already near Rockwell, I suggested we eat at Power Plant Mall (a place we don’t usually go to). We almost ended up eating at Mamou Too! but since we wanted to try something new, we reluctantly chose its sister and neighbor CDP Global Table. And well, a few bites into the Manuka Chevre salad, I completely forgot how bummed I was to have missed my event.


Already looking forward to our next trip here!



CDP Global Table
Level R1, Power Plant Mall, Lopez Drive, Poblacion Makati
12:00 – 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

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