Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse: Serving the hungriest of UP Town Center

Come with an appetite!

This is my one piece of advice to anyone who’s planning to eat at Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse.  You’ll most likely be going home with a satisfied smile and some additional happy pounds on you. Drop the guilt and enjoy! 🙂

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Menu
Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse Interiors

I was invited to try out Fat Daddy’s about a week ago at UP Town Center. Big groups, come on down! There’s plenty of space at Fat Daddy’s to accommodate families and group gatherings. Its industrial and outdoor styles make eating a comfortable activity. It’s as if you’re in a roof deck you’ve been hanging out at your entire life.

Their starters can honestly be called “finishers” too. Or at least I think so with the amount of dishes we were served that day. Out of all the starters we tried, my favorites would have to be the Brisket Burrito Bites (Php 195) and Chef Pat’s Ultimate Cheese Dip (Php 250).

Fat Daddy's UP Town Center Menu
Brisket Burrito Bites (Php 195)

The burrito bites are made for those who are starving and in need of something to tone down the hanger. It’s a filling wrap packed with textures of beef, rice, and veggies, in a mild flavor for easy eating. Dip it in the ranch sauce for contrast in taste and don’t forget to share so you don’t get full immediately.

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse UP Town Center Menu
Chef Pat’s Ultimate Cheese Dip (Php 250)

Their cheese dip is as cheesy as it gets. Served in a skillet for long-lasting heat, the top part looks a bit gooey but the inside is very creamy. The taste is bordering milky with saltiness of bacon in each dip.

Fat Daddy’s has a very American cuisine. With this we were also served Crispy Fried Pickles (Php 185), Baked Mac and Cheese Poppers (Php 195), and Jera’s Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos (Php 330) for starters. If you like eating pickles, you’d enjoy the fried version. If not, I suggest you try it still as you might end up having a change of heart. Meanwhile, the cheese poppers are easy to like. I liked the salsa that went with it – watery with chunks of tomatoes and the right amount of spices!  Their nachos do not scrimp on the ingredients. You get layers of corn chips, cheese, pulled pork, bacon, salsa, and barbecue sauce that’s perfect while waiting for the next dish.

Full yet? Time for the main dishes!

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Smoked Platter
Smoked Platter, part of Fresh, Fried, and Smoked Platter (Php 1,900)

We were served their Fresh, Fried, and Smoked Platter (Php 1,900). This is best for groups that do not want the complications of ordering and matching dishes. For the price you get hefty servings of the Barbecue Pulled Pork Salad, Mini Seafood Platter, and Smoked Platter.

Their salad is a healthy match to the fried seafood and heaviness of the meats. The ribs platter is a combination of meats all cooked to perfection. The ribs, beef, and roast chicken were all tender with a smoky flavor. PLEASE have your meat with either of Fat Daddy’s own barbecue sauces and the mustard! The tangy flavors will perk up your taste!

Fat Daddy's Triple Death Burger
Triple Death Burger (Php 440)

Their Triple Death Burger (Php 440) will be exactly what you need to satisfy an intense hunger. It’s a mix of heavy quality patties, a BLT trio, and a smothering of cheese all in between soft but crusty buns. This dish is every hungover person’s best friend!

By the time the main dishes were consumed, all of us in the table were full! But you know what they say, there’s always room for dessert! In our case, dessertssss.

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Menu
Peach Cobbler (Php 250)

They served us several desserts – Caramel Drizzled Banana Pudding (Php 170), Pecan Pie (Php 250), Peach Cobbler (Php 250), Bacon ‘n Smores Dip (Php 250), Caramel Popcorn Milkshake (Php 195), and the Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake (Php 195).

Almost everyone was won over by the Pecan Pie which is delicious but my personal favorite would have to be the Peach Cobbler. It’s lighter, and delightfully homemade taste was, for me, the best way to end the meal.

Well… almost end the meal. 😉 It was 4pm by the time we ended and they offered margaritas, so…. Happy Hour! Their Strawberry and Bubblegum Frozen Margaritas (Php 130) was THE (extra) way to end the meal. Hahaha!

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Margaritas
Strawberry and Bubblegum Margaritas (Php 130)

If you’re at UP Town Center and looking for a place that will cure your hunger – look no further. Visit Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse and like what I said, drop the guilt and enjoy! 🙂

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Milkshakes
Caramel Popcorn and Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshakes (Php 195)



Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse
G/F, Phase 1, UP Town Center
216 Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
Open 10:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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