Abuela’s, your dining table away from home

Living in Makati for almost 15 years has made me quite familiar of its streets and establishments. I know how to get to Gino’s Pizza in Salcedo, have eaten at more than one restaurant along Yakal St., and am regular at Nihonbashitei. Not to mention I can direct you with no sweat to what store you’re looking for in Greenbelt, Glorietta, Landmark Makati, and SM Makati. Hence, it was very much a delight for me to have been invited to dine at and discover Abuela’s – a Makati restaurant that I did not know about!

It was raining on the night that I went. I arrived via a cab and I imagined I was in a movie, set in London, in a street full of pubs. Yes, your girl can get pretty imaginative! But the location did give off that the feel.

Restaurants for date night in Makati
Dining Area
Makati Restaurants

Abuela’s is located at the 2nd floor of Somerset Millenium. The most noticeable thing that hit me when I arrived at the restaurant was how spacious the place is. The place is fit for families – babies in strollers would be no problem! I would also go here if I’m looking for a place to eat that offers privacy. Abuela’s has good acoustics to carry conversations that will not come off as noise. That being said, this would be a nice restaurant to have dinner dates at.

Hidden Restaurants in Makati
Dining Area

Time for the food!

Abuela means grandmother in Spanish and Abuela’s serves Spanish-Filipino cuisine. With a menu filled with food made with recipes by the owner’s grandmother, there could have been no better way to name the restaurant. The place serves food that the owners of the restaurant grew up with. It must have been gastronomically satisfying growing up with them!

Abuela's Makati
Bagnet with Thai Sauce

Let me start things off with my favorite – Bagnet with Thai Sauce. I am not fan of lechon, or crispy pata, or bagnet. But with the way their bagnet was cooked, plus their delicious thai sauce that I had to ask for an extra serving for? Man, I love bagnet! The meat was tender and not too thick (which I like), and the sauce partied in my mouth with its sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and spiciness. Woot!

Abuela's Menu

My next favorite would be their Pinangat. This Bicolano dish of fish and crab wrapped in gabi leaves and simmered in coconut milk went so well with the bagnet. Fair warning, Abuela’s version of pinangat is flavorful and will make you reach for another serving of rice.


Rounding up my favorite dishes for that night would be their Kilawin and the very deadly but worth it Jojo’s Filipino Curry Prawns with Crab Fat Sauce. Get the former to break the taste of the savory dishes you’re enjoying and get the latter to remind yourself that life is great! Hahaha!

Restaurants in Legaspi Village Makati
Jojo’s Filipino Curry Prawns with Crab Fat Sauce

The other dishes we were served that night include Abuela’s Buffalo Wings and Laswa which are both part of their new menu launched last May, the Bone Marrow with Truffled Chimchurri Olio Mango Jam which is very visually appealing, and their Mechado Stuffed with Iberico Chorizo which puts a twist to a classic dish.

Abuela's Somerset
Bone Marrow with Truffled Chimchurri Olio Mango Jam
Legaspi Village Restaurants
Abuela’s Buffalo Wings

We ended the night with well-loved desserts in their menu. Their Green Tea Cheesecake and Molten Lava Cake. I am not a fan of cheesecake but the Molten Lava Cake was a great way to end the night. 🙂

The ambiance of Abuela’s made our group stay even way after we were full from dinner. With free-flowing conversations and everyone feeling comfortable, you could say the place is much like your dining table in your own homes. 🙂


Somerset Millenium Makati

104 Aguirre, Legaspi Village Makati

Contact: 805-2713

Open until 11:00 PM

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