The 80th Oktoberfest at Solaire | Good food, overflowing beer, and great company

Oktoberfest is a word I’ve been hearing since my high school days when alcohol was a restriction but a soon-to-be right of passage for most people my age. I heard it during college as I got together with my friends at Green Place (a famous drinking place in my University) and went to Fiamma Fresh Friday parties. And during my fresh grad days of after-work drinks with colleagues how many times in a week. Fast forward to my 28 year old self. I still enjoy an occasional drink here and there but boy do I choose those occasions well!

And all these years I just heard about Oktoberfest without really experiencing it. I’d treat having a bottle in October as a celebration of it but after my first Oktoberfest event care of German Club Manila’s 80th Oktoberfest in Manila, my idea of it has completely changed!

So here’s to that night! A well-chosen occasion that provided good food, overflowing (REALLY GOOD) beer, and great company! Enjoy the vlog! 🙂

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