Good morning, Saigon!

We woke up earlier than how we usually do during vacations – 9:30 AM. Haha it’s still pretty late, I know. But a good start compared to our 12:00 PM rise and shine in Tokyo.

Today’s brunch place was last night’s late dinner place. Thinking this will be Part 1/2 of our first meal of the day; I just needed to get food into my tummy for my gastroentiritis and post-flu meds, we ordered less than what we would have wanted.

“One order of banh mi op la and Vietnamese soup with beef balls, please! Plus iced coffee and iced milk tea.”

Saigon breakfast places
Breakfast in Saigon

The banh mi op la was not exciting as I hoped it would be. It was just a piece of bread with 2 fried eggs. The soup, true to what the server said, was small… but everything altogether was incredible for a hungry stomach.

It was the warmth of the soup preparing us for a long day. It was the perfect crunchiness of the bread paired with runny eggs sprinkled with liquid seasoning. It was eating all these on the sidewalk, as the weather was getting hotter and hotter, while we sip on iced drinks.

Good morning, Saigon! It is an experience being here.

Pho Quynh
Good morning, Saigon!

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