Touring Saigon

We hailed a taxi (VND 70k) to go to the Saigon Post Office but ended up going down somewhere near the Saigon City Hall.

The heat was intense and unpleasant. Sadly, we found ourselves saying we do not like Vietnam. It felt too much like home.

Ho Chi Minh in a day
Saigon City Hall

We reached the City Hall and we looked it at momentarily from the outside. Taking photos was a pain as the sunburn starts prickling while we smirk our eyes to look at the camera. But we take them anyway.

Saigon in a day
Notre Dame Cathedral

A good 20 minutes of walking later, we saw our first glimpse of the Notre Dame Cathedral. It felt like such a feat despite the cathedral being closed. Several photos after, I wished we were on a tour instead. It would have been nice to learn more about the places instead of just surface-level appreciation and photo ops. Of course we could have researched it better, and admired what we see while recalling what we read.

I thought of it before, but never took much action. You should.

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