Jacob is here!


I am officially a tita (aunt)! Woot!

You guysss! My nephew, Jacob, is too cute!!! It’s so hard to be at work when I could be at the hospital instead huhuhu! All I want to do is stare at his face – asleep or awake, calm or crying (little cutie bawls so loudly).

I can hardly wait until he’s less fragile and we can go gigil (a Filipino term without a precise translation but can loosely be described as that indescribable urge to pinch something) on him.

Looking forward to a baby-smelling home, some sleepless nights, but definitely plenty of sunny days ahead!

P.S. Reserving the first few photo and video posts opportunity for my ate and kuya (sister and brother-in-law). After that, my feed may drown of him. 🙂